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Representative Cases/Matters/Achievements

Achievements: More Patent Litigation Success

More Examples of Patent Litigation Success

Representing creators of patented automatic swimming pool cleaner in complex case (involving breach-of-contract, tortious interference and declaratory judgment claims) in Florida state court in Orlando against opponent seeking to undermine client’s position. After two-week trial on disputed ownership of eleven patents, obtained jury verdict in favor of client’s ownership.

Representing Wisconsin company in complex lawsuit before U.S. District Court in Baltimore involving claims and counterclaims regarding ownership of patent rights (on certain naturally- occurring pesticide extractions and the use thereof) against breach of contract, tortious interference and fraud charges by major corporation. Extended litigation was resolved with affirmation of client’s contract position and patent rights and substantial payments to client.

Defending importer of track-lighting products in lawsuit brought by competitor in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, alleging infringement of design patents and federal trademark registrations relating to designs of imported track-lighting products. Developed defenses resulting in favorable resolution by settlement, with our client continuing in such business.

Representing inventor of unique intravenous bag against medical products company in lawsuit before the federal court in Milwaukee, regarding disputed ownership and inventorship claims, securing ruling confirming ownership by client and financial settlement. Also successfully defended client in earlier related public-use proceedings at the Patent & Trademark Office. Later represented client in licensing to another medical products company, based on litigation success.

Secured Wisconsin state court ruling ending market interference, upholding client’s contract right to practice patented technology, and terminating patent holder’s infringement accusations.

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