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Representative Cases/Matters/Achievements

Achievements: Prosecution, Transactional and Other Successes

Examples of Prosecution, Transactional and Other Successes

Representing inventor of high-tech medical systems in securing and protecting numerous inventions, and in negotiating multi-million-dollar agreements with major medical device and system manufacturers.

Representing growing international beverage supplier in worldwide securement and enforcement of trademark rights.

Representing major developer/manufacturer of breakthrough lighting technology in securing worldwide patent positions on its related inventions.

Representing client in securing protection for valuable oil field recovery technology, which became subject of a multi-million dollar licensing agreement benefitting client.

Representing corporate client in acquiring extensive patent portfolio in power-related inventions, including comprehensive analysis of the portfolio and related advice to client resulting in significant monetary savings to client in acquisition of the portfolio from industry group.

Representing manufacturer of unique dispensing products in connection with assuring avoidance of others' patent positions.

Representing manufacturer of carpet-cleaning products before American National Standards Institute (ANSI) appeals panel against adverse standard developed by standards-setting group dominated by competitors. Secured finding of prima facie violations of ANSI’s Essential Requirements, leading to withdrawal of the adverse standard.

Representing client in securing protection for battery manufacturing innovations and in subsequent technology transfer negotiations resulting in substantial upfront payment and downstream royalty obligations to client.

Represented corporate manufacturer (long-time IP client) regarding technical aspects of product involved in medical malpractice/product liability case in Los Angeles. Developed technical evidence showing client’s product was misused by surgical personnel and was not technically deficient as accused, ending case against client.

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